Anurans are a race of amphibious people. They live in swamps and rainforests. They are carnivorous and their diet consists of mostly Giant Bugs. They breathe through their skin, and need to keep it constantly moist. Anurans suffocate in arid climates. There are two subspecies of Anuran: Ranidurans and dendurans

Biology Edit

Description Edit

Anurans are amphibious. They breathe through their skin, and thus require their skin to constantly be moist, or they will suffocate. They have large mouths and tongues. Their eyes sit on top of their head. They have very strong hind legs that allow them to jump long distances. Their front legs are much weaker than their hind legs. Anurans have thick stocky tails that are used to keep balance. Anurans are roughly half a meter tall.

Diet Edit

Anurans are carnivorous and will only eat plants for medicinal purposes. Their diet consists of mostly arthropods, but they will eat other meat if necessary.

Reproduction Edit

Anurans reproduce at certain times (full moon, maybe?). Anurans will go to their local breeding pool and choose a mate, quickly breed, and lay the eggs in the pool. All the babies will grow up together with minimal care from the adults, who do not know which babies are their's.

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Relations Edit

Sepiide Edit

It is very difficult for the Sepiide to visit Anurans due to their purely aquatic lifestyle. This leads to fairly poor relations between the two races.

Regelle Edit

Because of the Regelle's ability to live both on land and in water, they can easily visit Anuran territory. There are quite a few Regelle that live inside Raniduran territory.

Ptalqui Edit

The Ptalqui have set up a few hubs in Anuran territory. They tend to be more friendly with Dendurans, but are still on good terms with Ranidurans.